We are real here. We are honest here. We navigate life together here.



when you are real, you enable those around you to be their real selves too.


the truth, indeed, is what sets us free. all facades aside, we will be honest.



together is putting ourselves aside for a greater good. together is me, you, him, her.

“I love Pura Vida and the fact they give to different charities. It’s an honor to be a Pura Vida Ambassador!”


Accepting Jesus isn't what society has made it out to be.

Accepting Jesus is believing in something more than yourself. 

Accepting Jesus is giving the gift of hope for more than just toiling untill death.

Accepting Jesus is the compass to the navigation.

Accepting Jesus is love.

Accepting Jesus doesn't take the hard out of life.

This is navigating the human experience together.

e&m is here for when the "hard” is still a part of life. Endurance in life and maturity in Christ in the everyday. Real and raw, good and bad, pretty and ugly. What it really looks like to be a Christian every day isn't perfection; it's Grace.  


navigating the human experience together


e&m is run by humans, FOR humans. we believe as long as Jesus sits on the throne there is still good in humanity. we navigate this experience together not only in words, but in giving back through human driven projects. meaning we are driven by humanity still doing good things. some of these projects include:

  • feeding a community directly in Haiti. Items Available in the store.

  • monthly support for mothers fighting for their children and to change their lives.

  • individuals willing to do mission work for an elongated period of time

  • helping get the homeless community the items they need most

  • tending to needs as they arise in the local community


Jesus’ work is finished work. you have been recovered.

Jesus’ work is finished work. you have been recovered.