One of the Most Important Lessons Paul Gave

Titus is a letter to a person, actually named Titus, from Paul (formally known as Saul). It seems Paul had to leave abruptly and leave Crete in the hands of Titus. Paul had not had time to finish teaching Titus all he needed to learn and this is a book in the bible full of teaching from a leader to his successor. This would be the equivalent of your leader in ministry needing to go somewhere and leaving the church in your hands. Tips and tricks if you will.

This little GEM of scripture from Titus 3 is quite amazing. Paul is talking to Titus about reminding “them” to do these things. Reminding them to submit to authorities. To obey. To be ready for every good work. To slander no one (saying things about someone with the intent of ruining how they are viewed by others). To avoid fighting. To be kind. To show gentleness to ALL people. For we used to be….. Paul is telling Titus exactly how to treat people who don’t believe in the Gospel. We know this because Paul says, “we used to be the same” (paraphrased v. 3). Paul says when the KINDNESS of God appeared, we were saved.

This was so important that 1/3 of this letter was dedicated to treating others with kindness. And NOT just people who believe and act the same, but ALL mankind.

Verse 9 starts telling us what NOT to do with people who don’t believe or act the same as we do. Avoid foolish debates. Foolish genealogies. Foolish quarrels. And foolish disputes about the Law. He says this is because they are UNPROFITABLE and WORTHLESS.

As a Christian our job is not to spew hate towards others for not doing the same things we do. Not at all. Spewing venom at someone else, arguing with them, debating with them, arguing politics (COME ON!), is totally and entirely WORTHLESS. What IS profitable and good is treating all people, no matter their belief or actions, with kindness. Instead of telling them how bad they are or scoffing, we simply remind them to be kind (and all that entails) too.

Please don’t forget: when the KINDNESS of God appeared, we were saved.


All scripture from Titus 3, CSB